Account Application Form - 30 Day Trade Account

Example $1000
ACCEPTANCE OF ORDERS: Any quotation given by Bundaberg Fasteners lapses if not accepted within 7 days. Bundaberg Fasteners will only accept orders which are accompanied by payment of the required deposit (if any). All quoted prices are Inclusive of GST.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: Terms of payment where Bundaberg Fasteners has accepted the Customer’s credit application are unless agreed otherwise by Bundaberg Fasteners, 30 days from the end of the month of invoice. If payment is not made within the above terms Bundaberg Fasteners is entitled to calculate and charge daily interest at a rate not greater than the maximum interest rate charged by Suncorp on its credit card accounts from time to time, and Bundaberg Fasteners reserves the right to recover from Customer all costs, expenses and charges incurred by Bundaberg Fasteners in undertaking any debt recovery action, including legal fees on a full indemnity basis.

PASSING OF PROPERTY: Customer agrees that property in the goods is retained by Bundaberg Fasteners until payment by Customer of all sums owing to Bundaberg Fasteners, whether under this contract or otherwise. If Customer fails to pay by the due date any amount owing to Bundaberg Fasteners, Bundaberg Fasteners may (without prejudice to any of its other rights) recover and resell any goods in which property has not passed to Customer, and Customer hereby authorises Bundaberg Fasteners to enter onto the premises where the goods are kept to take possession of the goods for that purpose at any time. If Customer sells or purports to sell any goods supplied by Bundaberg Fasteners in which property has not passed to Customer, then Customer does so as a fiduciary for Bundaberg Fasteners.

CANCELLATIONS AND RETURNS: Any request by Customer for cancellation of an order must be in writing. Customer is liable to reimburse Bundaberg Fasteners for the costs it has incurred for labour, freight and materials in fulfilling the order up to the date the request for cancellation is received by Bundaberg Fasteners. Bundaberg Fasteners will accept returns of standard goods provided the goods are: (i) unused; (ii) in their original packaging, and (iii) returned within 14 days of delivery; Bundaberg Fasteners reserves the right to charge a $50 administration fee for the return of goods which are not faulty. Bundaberg Fasteners will not accept the return of goods manufactured to Customer’s order, unless the goods are faulty.

I/We hereby agree to your credit terms which are strictly 30 days from Statement date. I certify (as digital signatory to this application) that the above information is true and that I am authorised to make this application on behalf of the Business/Company and enter into the Terms and Conditions of Sale.
(Digital Signature) Full Name Required
Example 12/09/2020